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Your star is due for shooting

and I'll be watching the night sky

23 September
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*I'm Kellie, and I'll be 17 on September 23, 2006. I love everything Broadway, and hope to go to NYU someday- auditioning this fall for Tisch. I live in a small tourist sea-side town in New York, a little over an hour away from the City. I bet if I lived farther away I wouldn't be able to survive.
*I get obsessed -not in a bad way- in a way of strong infatuation or adoration towards something / somebody.
*I'm also constantly looking for the "Will" to my "Grace" ;)
*I pride myself in my Broadway-esque CD collection: www.cd-tracker.com/~tearmedown
*I love like 99% of all Broadway shows out there. My CDs encompass the ones I'm most fond of!
*My first ever obsession was over Matthew Broderick, which then escalated into a horrible obsession of Jon Peter Lewis (American Idol Season 2. Think of the guy who couldn't dance if his life depended on it). Without those 2 people I feel that I would not be where I am today. Ha :D
*A guilty pleasure of mine is Dawson's Creek. I used to make fun of that show, but after watching it a few times I got hooked. However, I prefer the characters of Jack and Jen to Dawson and Joey.

Marriage is love.

Who am I fond of?
Brian Charles Rooney, Barrett Foa, John Tartaglia, Anthony Rapp, Cary Shields. I get fangirly really really easily, but I'm not your typical fangirl. Chad Kimball, Adam Pascal, Matt Caplan, Raul Esparza, Gavin Creel, John Cameron Mitchell, Michael Cerevis, Nathan Lane, Jeff Goldblum, Matthew Broderick, Jai Rodriguez, Christopher Seiber, Christian Borle, Norbert Leo Butz, Alan Cumming, Roger Bart, Conan O'Brien, Wilson Heredia, Stephen Trask, Howie Michael Smith, Michael Arden. Amy Spanger, Sutton Foster , Sherie Renee Scott, Daphne Ruben-Vega, Kristin Chenoweth, Stephanie D'Abruzzo, Idina Menzel, Karmine Alers.

What am I fond of?
Music. Singing. Dancing. Acting. Musical Theatre. BROADWAY (check out the CDs for the ones I love love). Sleepovers. Karaoke. Cinemas. Books. I can't wait to go to college, well I can't wait to live in the City. Cold weather. Vanilla candles. Obsessing. Smoothies. Saturday Night Live. Bean bag chairs. Vitamin Water. Trains. Subways. Halloween. Bendable straws. Hedwig and the Angry Inch . David Searching . Solo CDs from Broadway artists. New York City. Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Salads

What do I lack an attraction for?
Homophobics. Homophobia. George W. Bush. Nicole Kidman. Plastic surgery shows. Headaches. Airplanes. Renee Z-whatever; I dislike her so much that I refuse to go look up the spelling of her actual last name. Spiders. Ants. Papercuts.

R E N T: measure in L O V E ♥ 11.11.05
By _Eleka_Nahmen_

Anthony as Hedwig is love.

By Moo_Shoe

Anthony Rapp is love.

By Moo_Shoe

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